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Committed to providing confidence

We create a safe and nurturing environment, where children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Academy House Child Development Centers, LLC is a growing agency specializing in high quality childcare and preschool services. Currently we have 5 locations designed to meet the specific need of the community.

We offer a bi-lingual staff, convenient hours and a series of programs.

Our Directors provide innovative educational programs, and our qualified teachers create a nurturing, healthy, blend of fun and learning. Each site provides the children with nutritious meals, serving breakfast lunch and a healthy snack.


Child Development Center 1

3 educational programs: Infant, Toddler, and Preschool

Our Infant program provides a caring environment to stimulate your baby’s senses to encourage mental and physical growth. The Toddler program offers the opportunity to explore their world through structured and unstructured activities, and to assist in the development of their gross motor and social skills. Our Preschool Program follows a High Scope Curriculum that focus on your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development. The High Scope Curriculum will impart such skills as phonemic awareness, letter, sound recognition, basic math concepts, and hands-on science exploration.


Child Development Center 3

Programs for children of 2 weeks – 5 years of age

We engage our infants with activities to enhance development of their motor and sensory skills. Our toddler classrooms provide hands-on activities that are attentive to learning and social skills. As our children reach their individual milestones we offer an environment of fun, healthy stimulation, creativity, problem solving, language skills, peer interaction, music, movement, artistic development and self-esteem. We realize that children may have individual need, abilities, and may learn at their own pace.


Child Development Center 4

Programs for children 0–18 months, and 18 months–2 1/2 years

Our Kangaroo room offer infant toddlers ages 0 – 18 months a calm and caring environment, we cater to the formative years of a child’s development. Our Jungle room provides care to children ages 18 months to 2 1/2 years. We engage our young toddlers in age appropriate activities to develop their motor skills. Our Ocean & Butterfly room provide age appropriate care to older toddlers 2 ½ and above, helping and encouraging them to participate in activities that are planned according to their daily schedule. One of our recent highlights have been “Culture Day” children are encouraged to dress up in their cultural outfit and learn about other traditions. During our recent Graduation Ceremony we were able to celebrate the accomplishments of several of our children as they moved on to Preschool.


Child Development Center 5

Programs for newborns–pre-K and an after-school program for children up to the age of 13

In a welcoming environment, Academy House 5 provides a learning community with level-appropriate materials for all its age groups. With our highly innovative curriculum, we offer the best education filled with all the fundamentals they need to continue excelling. Our students are motivated to grow as individuals by allowing the children to explore their own skills. Academy House 5 offers programs for children newborns through pre-kindergarten and an after-school program for children up to the age of thirteen. Our goal is to help children develop self-awareness, social skills, and overall knowledge of everyday experiences. All classrooms contain a Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher to ensure that every child is able to learn at a accelerate rate. Our center has a secure entry system and parents have full access to their children through our camera system. Our facility is infused with modern technology and materials. Our center also offers FREE breakfast, lunch, and snack with the option of selecting a vegetarian meal. All meals are prepared in our full kitchen by a highly trained chef with extensive culinary experience. With two playgrounds and an indoor gym, the children are able to stay active and engaged.

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